Pyramid Packs
(Triangular Tea Pack)

Thinking about packing custom blended leaf teas professionally in pyramid shape tea bag with steeping string with tag? We have solutions.

Compare to traditional rectangular pillow style tea bag, advantage to a pyramidal tea bag is in its structured shape. Tea leaves are not compressed inside the bag when the bag is steeped in hot water. Leaves can float freely and infuse maximum flavor into water. With less breakage of tea leaves inside the pyramid packs, we are able to reduce or eliminate the presence of tea dust in the bottom of cup. The tea bags can be formed using biodegradable PLA mesh filter paper which is environmental friendly compare to traditional cotton tea paper.

With latest packaging technology, Taipak minimizes production waste even with smaller runs. Pyramid shape tea bag can also be packaged into plain or printed outer envelope in line. Taipak is able to handle volume from 1,000 tea packs (with custom printed tag and outer envelope) to millions of packs.

Package Dimensions & Quantity
  • Inner Tea Bag (Small)  

    58mm x 58mm x 58mm
  • Inner Tea Bag (Large)  

    70mm x 70mm x 70mm
  • Outer Envelope 3-Side Sealed Bag (Small)  

    90mm Width x 90mm Length
  • Outer Envelope 3-Side Sealed Bag (Large)  

    100mm Width x 100mm Length
  • Tea Tag  

    20mm x 20mm
  • Product Formats  

    Leaf Teas
  • Weighing and Filling System  

    Weighing Scale
  • Weight Range  

    1g ~ 7g