3-Side and 4-Side
Sealed Sachets

3-side and 4-side sealed sachets are very common packaging styles in food industry, especially being used for packing condiments. The package is folded from rollstock film into rectangular shape. Tear notches for easy open can be applied on seal edges of the sachet. The sachet package style can accommodate a wide range of products including granules, powder, liquids, food items, capsules and tablets, tea leaves… It is also widely used as promotional package to be distributed or given away at trade shows and events.

Package Dimensions & Quantity
  • Smallest Finished Stick Pack Size  

    40mm Width x 40mm Length
  • Largest Finished Stick Pack Size  

    100mm Width x 200mm Length
  • Content Formats  

    Granules, Liquid, Powder, Capsules and Tablets
  • Weighing and Filling System  

    Weighing Scale, Volume Matrix, Piston Filler, and Auger Filler
  • Weight Range  

    5g and up